Luxe Intense High Gloss Warm Ivory

Luxe Intense High Gloss Warm IvoryLuxe Intense High Gloss Warm IvoryLuxe Intense High Gloss Warm Ivory


Welcome to the New Luxe Intense High Gloss range of kitchen door fronts. This beautiful intense gloss in Warm Ivory finish is available with same colour edging or contemporary 2 tone glass effect edging.

Product Features:

  • 18mm MDF core for increased durability
  • Polyurethane base coat
  • Polyester High Gloss Lacquer  finish coat
  • High Gloss Acrylic edging in matching or 2 tone glass effect edge
  • Protective film
  • 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty with full product certification
  • Available off the shelf with full stock coverage
Item NameItem CodeBox QtyPrice (excl. VAT)Offer PriceTotal PriceAdd to Cart
Warm Ivory 110 x 595IVO110595C1€10.35€12.73
Warm Ivory 140 x 495IVO140495C1€9.86€12.13
Warm Ivory 140 x 595IVO140595C1€11.57€14.23
Warm Ivory 140 x 795IVO140795C1€14.96€18.40
Warm Ivory 140 x 895IVO140895C1€16.67€20.50
Warm Ivory 140 x 995IVO140995C1€18.38€22.61
Warm Ivory 175 x 395IVO175395C1€9.81€12.07
Warm Ivory 175 x 495IVO175495C1€11.18€13.75
Warm Ivory 175 x 595IVO175595C1€12.96€15.94
Warm Ivory 283 x 495IVO283495C1€14.87€18.29
Warm Ivory 283 x 595IVO283595C1€17.31€21.29
Warm Ivory 283 x 795IVO283795C1€22.17€27.27
Warm Ivory 283 x 895IVO283895C1€24.16€29.72
Warm Ivory 283 x 995IVO283995C1€27.03€33.25
Warm Ivory 355 x 495IVO355495C1€17.40€21.40
Warm Ivory 355 x 595IVO355595C1€20.21€24.86
Warm Ivory 355 x 795IVO355795C1€25.80€31.73
Warm Ivory 355 x 895IVO355895C1€29.40€36.16
Warm Ivory 355 x 995IVO355995C1€31.46€38.70
Warm Ivory 570 x 295IVO570295C1€16.67€20.50
Warm Ivory 570 x 395IVO570395C1€21.09€25.94
Warm Ivory 570 x 495IVO570495C1€25.02€30.77
Warm Ivory 570 x 595IVO570595C1€29.15€35.85
Warm Ivory 450 x 595IVO450595C1€24.02€29.54
Warm Ivory 495 x 595IVO495595C1€25.91€31.87
Warm Ivory 715 x 295IVO715295C1€20.81€25.60
Warm Ivory 715 x 345IVO715345C1€23.16€28.49
Warm Ivory 715 x 395IVO715395C1€25.43€31.28
Warm Ivory 715 x 445IVO715445C1€27.74€34.12
Warm Ivory 715 x 495IVO715495C1€30.06€36.97
Warm Ivory 715 x 595IVO715595C1€34.68€42.66
Warm Ivory 895 x 395IVO895395C1€32.36€39.80
Warm Ivory 895 x 495IVO895495C1€38.85€47.79
Warm Ivory 895 x 595IVO895595C1€45.23€55.63
Warm Ivory 1060 x 495IVO1060495C1€45.02€55.37
Warm Ivory 1060 x 595IVO1060595C1€52.43€64.49
Warm Ivory 1245 x 295IVO1245295C1€37.52€46.15
Warm Ivory 1245 x 395IVO1245395C1€45.20€55.60
Warm Ivory 1245 x 495IVO1245495C1€52.74€64.87
Warm Ivory 1245 x 595IVO1245595C1€60.29€74.16
Warm Ivory Gable 2400 x 650IVO 2400650G1€127.50€156.83
Warm Ivory Gable 2400 x 910IVO2400910G1€159.75€196.49
Warm Ivory Gable 2400 x 320IVO2400320G1€81.45€100.18
Warm Ivory Wall Gable 720 x 320IVO720320G1€22.26€27.38
Warm Ivory Island Gable 910 x 900IVO910900G1€62.94€77.42
Warm Ivory 910 x 650 Base GableIVO910650G1€49.28€60.61
Warm Ivory 1200 x 910IVO1200910G1€81.40€100.12
Warm Ivory Plinth 2440 x 170IVO2440170P1€26.87€33.05

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